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Anti- Acid GC Sample Preparation Vials
Date: 2017-03-07

The integrity, cleanliness and homogeneity of Starlab hplc and gc sample vials are critical to today's demanding applications.Standard GC, HPLC with vials, small caliber, 8-425 standard threaded mouth for auto-sampler and sample storage. Can be used with 8-425 threaded cap septum.Be suitable and suggested together for devices of Gilson,Shimadzu,Varian .etc.

Product info


1.The 8-425/9-425 gc and hplc sample vials from Starlab are Suitable for the sample sparse injection of the test, the micro-fusion bottle often with lower residue in application.
2.High chemical resistance and compatibility: Acid, alkali, temperature, anti-stick
3.Graduated with writing area for easy sample Identifying.
4.two color of clear and amber cater for different requirement of application.


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