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Autosampler Vials and Material
Date: 2017-02-28

Screw thread top vials: Provides a way to evaporate, reusable, less than the jaw cover, and without additional tools, the screw cap vials are distinguished by different thread sizes, which are packed in glass (GPI), threaded vials, open-cell covers with automatic injection design, solid cover for sample storage design, and one PP cover optional, this punched threaded cover for single entry Design, no need to cover the assembly, can save the experiment preparation time.


Crimp top vials: sealed with aluminum cover, relative to pay cheap, when the correct clamp, can be used for a long time to provide the best storage seal, jaw cover can not be reused, the need for a larger force clamp.

Snap top vials: A more economical option for HPLC autosampler or other autosampler that does not require a robot to capture the vials. Most grippers are equipped with star- Easy to puncture PE (polyethylene) cap.


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