1.Shaanxi Private and technology enterprises association awarded Starlab the title of private science and technology enterprise in 2007.  
2.With the checks of each level of the Shaanxi Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, State Administration of Taxation, Local Taxation Bureau, Starlab acquired the title of High Technology Enterprise in 2009.  
3.With the joint approvals of Shaanxi Science and Technology Bureau, Business department, State Administration of Taxation, Local Taxation Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Starlab was awarded the title of Advanced Science and Technology Enterprise.  
4.With the selection of each level, Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce, World Shaanxi Merchant Union Association, Enterprises Union Association and Entrepreneur Association jointly awarded Starlab the title of Shaanxi Excellent Enterprises.  
5.Starlab was continuously evaluated as the title of “Contract-crediting and promise-keeping” enterprise by Shaanxi Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce in 9 years from 2005 to 2013.  
6.The disposable Syringe filters produced by Starlab were awarded as the national inspection-free product by the Chinese Quality Supervision Bureau in 2007.  
7.With the approval of the council of MIAC, Starlab became the council unit of this association in 2009.  
8.The disposable syringe filters produced by Starlab conformed to the Inspection-free Methods for Import and Export Product, and were awarded the title of Export Inspection-free Product in 2009.  
9.With the examination and verification of Shaanxi Administration of Safe Production, Starlab acquired the title of Second –class of Safety Production Standardization Enterprises in 2013.