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Chromatography column selection skills from Starlab Scientific
Date: 2016-11-10

The first thing should be confirmed that which the column of packed column or capillary column you need.The packed column owns more sample capacity than capillary column. The packed chromatography column have more advantages in the field of gaseous phase sample analysis.The capillary column owns higher efficiency(narrow peak) this is the matter that can improve the separation of the injection peak.The time which were saved could be transferred to a more less circulation time and improved the flux.


The most important part is to analyze the feature of analyte:
Non-polar ------molecules Usually contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms no dipole distance.
Aliphatic hydrocarbons (n - alkane) are examples of polar compounds.
Polar molecules------mainly includes hydrocarbon, also contain phosphorus sulfur nitrogen oxygen or halogen atoms Such as alcohol amine ketone of mercaptan nitrile organic halide, etc
Polarizable molecule ------consists of hydrocarbon, also contains unsaturated bond Such as alkenes alkynes and aromatic compounds.


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