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Common SPE Cartridge application in Food,animal residual fields
Date: 2016-11-17

The SPE cartridge application commonly in examine of food security, drugs security and animal residual fields.

The specialized technical data as follow:

The HLB Cartridge in supply of : 40μm, 300Å, Surface area: 600m2/g in cartrige volume of 1ml,3ml,6ml,12ml are available .
The HLB spe Cartridge and C18 spe column are the m most common used two cartridges. We can take the most common one 60mg/3ml as an example for reference.
We have confidence to make test of our spe cartridges befor clients using.
The above is a referencial range of spe cartridges, for more info welcome to visit us or contact to ask help for technical department.

Welcome to ask for technical questions or more product info which you need will be better offered from our technical team and sales department.
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