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Crimp Top Vials

The Material of our Crimp Top Vials are USP1, Borosilicate Glass privide you Good quality control, including height, diameter, bottom, thickness and neck/thread.

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Crimp cap provides a larger target area for improved autosampler needle accuracy. We recommends using Certified crimp caps with PTFE/silicone septa to ensure seamless operation with your autosampler. And our crimp caps are guaranteed to work with your instrument to reduce autosampler malfunctioning and contamination. We have 2ml 12x32mm vials with 11mm mouth, Clear and Amber vials with or without graduated writing area in available. Both pre-slit and non pre-slit caps are in supplied.All of Starlab vials are excellent fitted for autosamplers.


Glass Crimp Top Vials

*2 ml, 12 x 32 mm
*Available in unique packaging designed to reduce vial breakage
*Tightly controlled crown for improved crimping
*Precision-formed neck for improved autosampler handling
*Rigorous quality assurance provides dimensional consistency from lot-to-lot
*Optional ceramic write-on spot with fill marks
*Certified for full warranted compatibility with autosampler

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Crimp Vials, 2ml 12*32mm, Caps and Septa


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth),USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm,Crimp top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Amber vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth),USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Amber vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth)


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area


Preassemble, No pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + Aluminum cap,

for crimp top 2ml vial(11 mm mouth)


Preassemble, Pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + Aluminum cap,

 for crimp top 2ml vial (11 mm mouth)

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