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Excellent Column Efficiency Column of HPLC
Date: 2017-03-21

The HPLC Column which made from Starlab shows high performance and stability,the perfect peak shape makes users more easily handle and work in convenience.

1.Unique bonding and end-capping techniques

2.High purity bare silica packed column in clean room

3.Average sample size &pore size make well flow rate

4.Perfect peak shape&high peak volume

5.Excellent separation efficiency, stability and reproducibility

6.Wide PH application range for different components extraction

7.Excellent peak shape, most especially for polar, acidic and basic compounds.

8.High column efficiency of Consistency and uniform

9.Lasting and sound column lifetime

10.Wide Application :

  Pharmaceutical, food safety, pesticide, inspection and quarantine and industry etc.

11.Series of packing sorbent for wide selectivity.

12.Proprietary surface modification for smooth and inert silica surface.

13.Can be used with most HPLC instruments (Agilent ,Biotage,Grace  etc).

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