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The one-, three- or six-branch extraction manifold offers an efficient extraction apparatus. Multi-branch Manifold filter is particular design and produce for several samples filtrate at the same time. At present domestic laboratory filtrate liquid usually adopts the glass nature core, while this method only filtrate one sample once, and it has low speed, low efficiency and less labor exertion. It is more convenient for operator who needs to filtrate several samples at the same time. Because each filter holder has individual control valve, only one set vacuum pump can sustain the single or multi-branch manifold filter operate together. Stainless steel nature of vacuum filtration holders and manifolds can filtrate at 180℃ temperature and the high quality extra hard glass is elegant in workmanship and be able to bear 200℃ range of temperature. The clamp of aluminum alloy designed rational and closed, it can make the filter bowl together with the middle filter head become an organic, assure them airproof not to leak. Simultaneity stainless steel resistant to acids alkali, be able to bear corrosion, easy to high temperature sterilization. Therefore, it makes the analyze result much more stabilization and trustiness.



*High quality extra hard glass
*Sparking and crystal-clear, even thickness
*International standard size, 300ml/1000ml , 500/2000ml.
*Single, 3- branch , 6-branch in supply
*Multi-branch manifolds has individual control valve to filter several samples at same time
*Whole set can be used for Sterilization at high temperature and high pressure



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