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Filtration manifolds are used for liquid filtration. Starlab has single solvent filter and multi- filtration manifolds for different applications. Single solvent can filter single sample for one time while Multi-branch solvent filters, an integrative filter with reasonable structure and beautiful contour and without wedding spots, equipped with separate valve so that it can filter single sample or multiple samples at the same time so as to save time when testing a lot of samples. Starlab solvent filter made with 316L stainless steel has the characteristics of acid-resistance, alkali resistance, fast filtering speed, long service life, reasonable structure, easily cleaning and operating. It can be widely used in the fields of chemical industry, biochemical pharmacy, environmental protection, food and beverage etc. When use Starlab filter hold manifolds, there are also fitted vacuum pump in supply.

*High quality extra hard glass and stainless steel for filter holder manifolds
*Even thickness
*Can used for sterilization at high temperature and high pressure
*Excellent fitting with vacuum pump
*Automatic cooling exhaust system design make the sets can continuous operation 24 hours a day

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