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How To Preparation A Hydrophilic Membrane
Date: 2018-06-14

Blending is a kind of relatively simple modified method. It is will one kind hydrophilic polymer is added to the casting solution is blended to form a relatively hydrophilic surface. Compared with other methods, This approach by film formation the initial aperture its distribution is easy to keep, and Hydrophilic component can evenly distribution in membrane surface and intermediate.

Modified hydrophilic membrane filter film properties and properties of the membrane material closely related. Use hydrophilic membrane material prepared membrane, In use, water flux relatively low, in Separating oil and an aqueous system when adsorption pollution serious, the flux attenuation quickly, reduces the life of the membrane, increased operating costs, restricted the membrane separation field application. Therefore, to most carry out modified.

Use oxidizing agent and surfactant to polypropylene hollow fiber membrane surface conduct hydrophilic modification, improve none blister oxygenator when hollow fiber membrane withstand ability, finds out up suitable hydrophilic modification treatment agent. Experimental results show that modified rear the surface of the film a hydrophilic somewhat rise, membrane pore size there to some degree reduced.

Hydrophilic film use Hydrophilic material direct preparation of membranes. Eliminating the modified, and modified membrane probable give to use bring inconvenience. Therefore, the Hydrophilic membrane filter is a hot research today.


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