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Instruction of Qualitative and quantitative filter paper
Date: 2017-02-16

Quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper are cellulose filter paper, and are not suitable for other types of filter paper, such as glass microfiber filter paper. Qualitative filter paper is used for qualitative chemical analysis and corresponding filtration separation. The general qualitative filter for filtering solution, chloride, sulfate and so do not need qualitative test of numerical calculation; and quantitative filter paper is used for numerical calculation of the precision filter, such as the determination of residue, insoluble, general quantitative filter paper, also need to enter the high temperature furnace for processing.

quantitative analysis of filter paper in the manufacturing process of filter paper pulp through quantitative analysis, hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and washed with distilled water, will remove most of the impurities of paper fiber, so the residual ash after burning is very few, almost has no effect on the analysis results, suitable for precise quantitative analysis.

qualitative analysis of filter paper qualitative analysis of filter paper generally more residual ash for general qualitative analysis and used to filter precipitation or suspension in the solution can not be used for quality analysis.


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