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Laboratory portable Vacuum Pump Detection Tips
Date: 2017-02-14

The Diaphragm Vacuum Pump mainly used in vacuum evacuation making for lab filtration,distillation in most laboratory.All vacuum pump users takes care of the lifetime of pump using.

Regularly check is important to prevent unnecessary damage and laboratory pump repair. The filter material dirty or dirty muffler will make poor air circulation and can cause overheating and excessive noise.So please check filter material inside the vacuum pump head. If necessary, use water solvent cleaning the chamber. Prohibit the use of organic compounds. Acid, corrosive, flammable solvent cleaning, no lubrication, otherwise it will affect the service life of the pump.

Detection Tips:
1.Valve dirty or damage would effect the pump pressure and vacuum evacuation so please check the valve regularly;
2.Diaphragm damage would cause low pump pressure and low vacuum speed.
3.Low electric power lead to pump heat even lead to operation stopped.
4.Unsuitable electric pressure lead to big noise by vacuum pump,also pump heat.
5.The pump can’t start operation together with power.
6.Lose of regulating valve,housing pipe leakage all can make low pump pressure,vacuum capability and pump noise.
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