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Precautions for using HPLC columns
Date: 2017-03-09

Precautions for using HPLC columns

1. The mobile phase must be filtered with an HPLC grade reagent to remove particulate impurities and other substances (using 0.45um or less).

2. After the mobile phase filter with ultrasonic degassing, until the HPLC columns return to normal temperature then can be used.

3. It cannot use pure acetonitrile as the mobile phase, which will make the one-way valve sticky and lead to pump into the liquid.

4. When using the buffer solution, immediately after washing the sample with deionized water rinse the pipe and column for one hour, then rinse with methanol (or methanol solution) for more than 40 minutes to fully wash the ions. For the outside of the plunger rod, after the sample must also be washed with deionized water more than 20ml.

5. Do not use the instrument for a long time, you should remove the HPLC column with a plug sealed, note that you can not use pure water to keep the column, but should use organic phase (such as methanol, etc.), because pure water easy to mold.

6. After each sample finished, the sampler should be cleaned with the solvent that dissolves the sample.

7.C18 column absolutely can not enter the protein samples, blood samples, biological samples.

8. Pay attention to the pH range of the HPLC column. Do not inject samples of strong acid and alkali, especially alkaline samples.

9. Replace the mobile phase should be the first part of the suction filter into the beaker side of the vibration side of the wash, and then inserted into the new mobile phase. Replace the non-miscible mobile phase with isopropyl alcohol to change.


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