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Selection guide of nylon membrane from Starlab Scientific
Date: 2016-10-25

The good filtration performance plays important role in a successful filtration experiment,so the membrane selection weighs heavily for the filtration. Today let’s introduce the nylon membrane selection guide.
1.When choosing a membrane, please find out the required intercept the smallest size of particles or bacteria, and then chooses the aperture membrane relations .

2.The nylon membrane before using any of the following methods available sterilization:
(1) 121 ℃ hot steam for 30 minutes, reoccupy ethanol soak wet.
(2)with 2.5 Mradr - ray or ultraviolet irradiation sterilization, reoccupy ethanol soak wet.
(3) 90% of ethylene oxidation + 10% of carbon dioxide, the pressure with 1 kg/cm2 dose of 800 g/m3 with 4 hours, then with ethanol soak.
(4)with 3% armor leaven solution soak 24 hours later with aperture 0.45 mu m filtering distilled water, then with ethanol soak wet.

3. Nylon membrane at 25 ℃, according to the actual production of filtration membrane and solvent ratio of 5000 times, alcohols, esters, ketones and other organic fluxing agent and 30% sodium hydroxide solution soak for 72 hours, with the solution before and after soaking liquid chromatographic image coincide, shows that after soaking not dissolved substances into solution in zinc type membrane filter in organic solvents and strong alkaline solution in physical and chemical performance is stable.

 4. The product has strong electrostatic charges, can adsorption of dust in the air, when not in use should be wrapped, put in dry clean place.
The Starlab Scientific dealing for a range of high quality nylon membrane filter which is suitable for aqueous solution and most organic solvents, and is suitable for the preparation of many biological agents and which other membrane cannot be used. The nylon membrane is hydrophilic, it does not need to filter water solution when use can be prewetting extraction solvent. And it has flexible, durable, tear, such as performance, and high pressure sterilization can at 121 ℃. The membrane at room temperature with the following chemical solution soaked after 72 hours, check the appearance does not expand, dissolved, deformation, damage or deterioration.

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