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Selection guide of Starlab Scientific Membrane Filter for different filtration applications
Date: 2016-11-29

When been asked How to Select the right membrane Filter for different filtration application, there are three aspect should be considered.

1.  What kind of solvent will be filtered?

Protein solution and buffer solution: high flow rate and high flux membrane filter should be used like PES, PVDF membrane filter.

Solvent, strong acid and strong base: membrane filters with high chemical compatibility should be used like PTFE membrane filter and PVDF membrane filter.
Gas filtration: the hydrophobic membrane filter should be used, hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter is most recommend for gas filtration.
2.  What is the filtration goal you want reach?
Particle analysis: the recovery of particle , sterilization and Mycoplasma check should be considered for that the particle will be collect in surface of the membrane filter.

3.  What is the requirement of adsorbability ?
Low adsorbability: the filtration of protein and partly culture medium.
High adsorbability: western blot, IVD test strip and microorganism. 

Membrane filter application summary:
Biological solution: PES, SFCA, PVDF membrane filter
Buffer solution and culture medium: PES, SFCA membrane filter
Component solvent,  Strong corrosive solvent: RC, NY, PVDF, PTFE membrane filter
Gas filtration: Membrane Filter of PTFE and PES
Microbiological detection: Membrane Filter of NC and MCE
Western blotting: Nylon,Nc and PVDF Membrane Filter

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