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Snap Top Vials

The Material of our Snap Top Vials are USP1, Borosilicate Glass privide you Good quality control, including height, diameter, bottom, thickness and neck/thread.

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Protect samples from contamination during storage or transport with Snap Clear Vials. An innovative snap-off cap reduces the chance of volatile organic contaminants in the environment from passing through the septum while also keeping the septum clean and free from foreign particles during handling. The clean snap cap easily peals or snaps away to provide access to the septum at the time of analysis. All of Starlab vials are excellent fitted to your autosamplers.


Snap Top Sample Vials

*2 ml, 12 x 32 mm, 11mm mouth
*Packaged in a unique box designed to reduce vial breakage
*40% larger opening than standard narrow opening vials
*Unique snap design for easily operation
*Precision-formed neck for optimal robotic arm handling
*Rigorous quality assurance for dimensional consistency from lot-to-lot
*Optional ceramic write-on spot with fill marks
*Certified for full warranted compatibility with autosampler

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Snap Top Vials, 2ml 12*32mm, Caps and Septa


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth),USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area,USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Amber vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth),USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Amber vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area,USP1 Borosilicate Glass


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth)


2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area


Preassemble, No pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + White plastic snap cap, for Snap Vials


Preassemble, Pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + White plastic snap cap, for Snap Vials

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