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Stainless Steel Solvent Filters

Our stainless steel solvent filters are resistant to high temperatures and are easily sterilized at high temperatures.

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Stainless Steel Solvent Filter SLOSF03001

One Branch Stainless Steel Manifold (SS316L)

One of Stainless Steel (SS316L) Filtration Units,

including: 300ml Funnel, Funnel Cover, Support

Frit and Base

Support Screen: SS316L

Pore Size of Filter: Silicon, 100um

Suitable Membrane Diameter: 47mm, 50mm

One of 1000ml Glass Collection Bottle

One Piece of Hosepipe

Connection: Stopper SS316L

Whole Set Can Be Autoclaved at 121℃

Stainless Steel Solvent Filters

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