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Starlab SPE Cartridges
Date: 2016-12-22

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a form of step-wise chromatography designed to extract, partition, and (or) adsorb one or more components from a liquid phase (sample) onto a stationary phase (sorbent or resin). Over the last twenty years, SPE has become the most powerful technique available for the rapid and selective sample preparation prior to analytical chromatography.


Designed to meet the exacting requirements of pharmaceutical and clinical analysis,  Starlab SPE cartridges are  ideal for all application areas:

· Food and Beverage

· Environmental

· Petrochemical

· Agriculture


The multitude of phase chemistries and hardware configurations available within our SPE cartridge line offer a comprehensive level of selection and flexibility required to handle the increasingly complex and diverse sample prep challenges seen today.


SPE extends the lifetime of chromatographic systems and improves qualitative and quantitative analysis. By switching sample matrices from the original matrix to a simpler matrix environment, subsequent analysis is often simplified, and the demand placed on an analytical system is considerably lessened.