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Syringe filter in Chromatography filtration and applications
Date: 2016-09-27

Filtration is any kind of physical, mechanical or biological operations which can seperate solid particle from liquids or gases by through a media which can only allow liquid or gases pass(also called fluid). In physical filters oversize solids in the fluid are retained and in biological filters particulates are retained and removed.

Filtration occurs both in nature and in engineered systems; there are biologic, geologic, and industrial forms.For example, in chromatography samples preparation.

Starlab Scientific is a dedicated manufacturer who focus on R&D, manufacture and marketing of micro-porous filtration and laboratory consumables products.With supplied syringe filter and membrane filter to do pre-filtration which can help protect the column and extend column lifetime.

As there are various of samples need to do chromatographic analysis which require to use different kind of syringe filter when use.

1. Nylon syringe filter is strong hydrophilic membrane with low exactable, good flow rate. Not suitable for acidic samples.

2. PTFE syringe filter has broad chemical compatibility , strong chemical stability and inertia ,strong hydrophobicity , suitable for HPLC filtration.

3. PES syringe filter also is hydrophilic, fastest flow rates, low protein binding and low extractables, ideal for tissue culture and HPLC applications.

4. CA syringe filter is hydrophilic membranes with high flow rates, ideal for sterile filtration of buffers,tissue culture media or additives and other biologicals.

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