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Syringe filter membrane in the pharmaceutical chujun amidst application
Date: 2017-01-17

Starlab Scientific has manufacture micro-filtration products for more than 13 years with mature technology, equipments and R&D teams. Now, we are supply all kinds of syringe filters with pharmaceutical PP housing and imported membrane for different applicaitons.

Traditional syringe filter can only filter out the air dust, liquid in foreign matter particles, difficult removal micro-organisms living body.

Syringe filter is the use medium will liquid suspension middle solid matter interception, however liquid then pass through medium clarified. For a long time, liquid filtration often used all kinds of fiber bags as a medium. Gas filter is often used cotton, activated carbon, etc. These ones syringe filter media the disadvantage is that efficiency is poor,easy fail,particularly it is pharmaceutical sterilization filtration process often out of control, caused a large number of chemical liquid loss and scrapped, this can not cause people to find the more suitable filter media.

Filtration Process objective claim different, the selected filter is also different. When injected use liquid except traditional filters removal of the chemical liquid foreign body outside. Now adoption syringe filter membrane will the clarified chemical liquid again removal bacterials.

Crafts and filter ditto, but because of its gas volume big, must adoption several multilayer microporous film filter composition syringe filter membrane. Normal operations is Pre-filter provide 100 level purifying air, and then after syringe filter membrane obtain sterile air enter fermenter. Steam filters only found fine syringe filter membrane may when Bacterial contamination when use, ready to use sterile superheated steam correct fine syringe filter membrane to sterilized.

Film pore size selected rear, depending on liquid, gas ,filtration volume size, can choose monolayer, bilayer, multilayer filter, if not enough,be employed multilayer filters, in parallel composition syringe filter membrane, to improve the filtering effect, extend replace filters cycle.

Enter microporous membrane liquid or gas for sure using traditional methods, such as the use various fibers bags,ceramic burning stick,cotton,activated carbon ect. removed the coarse big granules. In order to improve membrane filtration effect, and extend the life of the microporous membrane.


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