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Syringe Filter Membrane Selection Guide
Date: 2016-12-27

When filtering samples, it is important to use the correct membrane for your application. This guide should help you determine which membrane is most suitable for your requirements.

nylon membrane filter are extremely low in extractables and mechanically very strong. They possess good thermal stability up to 50°C and are a good all-round filter for HPLC samples. Naturally hydrophilic membrane that provides broad compatibiity with aqueous and organic samples.

Membrane: HPLC Certified Nylon.

Use with: Bases, Most HPLC solvents, Alcohols, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, THF.
Don't use with: Acids, Aggressive Halogenated hydrocarbons, protein samples (Nylon is a high binder)

Sterilisation: membrane filter nylon can be sterilised by autoclave at 125° for 15 minutes.

Applications: General nylon membrane filter china usualy used for Laboratory filtration, most HPLC samples