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The application method of Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge
Date: 2016-11-03

China SPE Cartridge Fundamentals
Using the stationary phase of the liquid sample of the liquid sample of the ancestral grave adsorption, and samples of the matrix and the interference component separation, and elution with elution to achieve the purpose of separation or Fu set the purpose of the test solution.
In some cases, the analyte can be passed directly through the stationary phase without being retained, and most of the interfering agent is retained on the stationary phase.

Solid phase extraction cartridges samples process flow

SPE column pre-treatment / equilibration
If the analyte type is a neutral compound, the spe type of the filler is hydrophobic, such as c8 spe column and c18 column, etc. The pre-treatment column is treated with formaldehyde in the spe column, and then the pH is adjusted with the sample in water or buffer solution. Note that if the analyte is Can be ionized, you should use the buffer solution is the Solid Phase Extraction column PH value of the same sample to ensure that the analyte was neutral.
If the analyte level cation or anion, SPE cartridge packing cation exchange or anion exchanger, with formaldehyde treatment SPE column, and then with water or buffer solution to adjust the PH value and the same sample, Loading Procedure: To retain the analyte, the volume of dissolved sample must be low.

Rinsing and elution: The elution solvent must wash away as much of the interfering component as possible, but not so strong as to elute any analyte. The elution strength is appropriate and the elution solvent is generally 0.5-0.8 ml / 100 mg Stationary Phasenote that the buffer solution concentration should be maintained at 10-50mM to Control the ionic strength.


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