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The features and applications of PES membrane filter
Date: 2016-12-01

Starlab PES membrane filter is a highly Membrane composed of modified polyethersulfone that is a tough, durable, and temperature-resistant aromatic polymer.  Starlab polyethersulforn membrane filter provides high flow rate, low extractables and greater mechanical strength than competitive membranes. This membrane is specifically designed for biological, analytical, electronic, pharmaceutical, beverage, and sterilizing filtration applications.


Bacterial removal
HPLC flowing particle removal
Drug filtration
Organic solvents filtration    
Lateral flow assays
Particulate removal

Starlab PES membrane supply both disc and roll type PES membrane, disc type diameters are from 13mm,25mm,47mm,90mm,142mm and 293mm and rolls in 254mm wide. Welcome your inquiry and pls wesite our website or contact via email for more details.