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The selection Procedureof SPE cartridge
Date: 2017-02-23

A selection of SPE Column, available in many sizes, shapes, and types of stationary phase.

SPE Column involves five basic steps:
1.The solid phase extraction cartridge is equilibrated with a non-polar or slightly polar solvent, which wets the surface and penetrates the bonded phase.

2.Water, or buffer of the same composition as the sample, is typically washed through the column to wet the silica surface.

3.The sample is added to the cartridge. As the sample passes through the stationary phase, the polar analytes in the sample will interact and retain on the polar sorbent while the solvent, and other non-polar impurities pass through the cartridge.

4.After the sample is loaded, the cartridge is washed with a non-polar solvent to remove further impurities.

5.The analyte is eluted with a polar solvent or a buffer of the appropriate pH.

A stationary phase of polar functionally bonded silicas with short carbons chains frequently makes up the solid phase. This stationary phase will adsorb polar molecules which can be collected with a more polar solvent.


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