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The Using and Maintenance tips for Flash Column
Date: 2016-12-14

Often use strong solvents flush flash column , remove the impurities in keep in post. When cleaning, replacement of the mobile phase in the flow system should be gradually transition phase immiscible solvent, the volume of each type of mobile phase should be about 20 times the size of the column, the routine analysis need 50 "75 ml.

Save the Customized Flash Column in the column should be filled with acetonitrile and methanol, the column joints to tighten, prevent solvent evaporation drying. Is absolutely forbidden to buffer solution sit overnight or longer stay in the column

Chromatographic column in use process, if the pressure increases, a sintering filter may be blocked, then a filter should be replaced or removed for cleaning; Another possibility is large molecules into the column, the stigma is polluted; If the column efficiency to reduce or chromatographic peak deformation, may head appeared to collapse, dead volume increase. In the two cases occur, carefully unscrewed the column joint, remove the stigma packing with clean small steel 1 "2 mm height (net) pay attention to the polluted packing column packing in leveling up. Then use the appropriate solvent wet stationary phase (same) and the column filled with chromatographic column, planish, then tighten the column joint. This kind of treatment after column efficiency improved, but it is hard to return to the level of the new column. Column failure is usually a part, at the end of the column on the analysis of the former to a pillar of and analysis of short column of the same stationary phase (5 "30 mm), can have the effect of protection, extend the life of the column. Used to protect column to lose certain column efficiency, it is worth it.


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