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Tips of automatic HPLC sample vials washing
Date: 2016-10-11

The automatic HPLC sample vials were highly used in experiences of chemical and biological analysis, pharmaceutical factory and much kind of laboratories. The sample vials take an important role in the quality analysis of testing samples. The clean environment in sample vials weighs heavily in an analysis. This passage aims to take out some tips of sample vials washing.

Method One:
Step 1: Pour out the test solution bottle
Step 2: The glass sample vial all immersed in 95% alcohol, ultrasonic washing twice after dry, because alcohol is easy to enter 1.5 mL vials, and with most organic solvents miscibility in order to achieve the cleaning effect.
Step 3: Pour water into sample vial and then make ultrasonic washing for twice.
Step 4: Pour the lotion out of the bottle, baking at temperature in 110 degrees for 1 ~ 2 hours keep in mind that must not be baked in high temperature.
Step 5: Make the sample vial cooling and get ready for preservation.

Method Two:
Step 1: Washing by running water for twice
Step 2: Put the sample vials into a beaker with pure water and then ultrasound treatment for 15 minutes.
Step 3: Pour out the water and then try 15- minute-ultrasound again.
Step 4: Immersed the sample vials in beaker with absolute ethyl alcohol.
Step 5: Remove the sample vials to keep it dry


Method Three:
Step1: Using running water to wash the sample vials to rush out the rest samples in the vials.
Step2: Make the sample vials immersed in Potassium dichromate solution for hours and then put it out in a basin to wash it again.
Step3: Take ultrasound treatment for 3 times then keep the vials dry.
Step4: Using the tri-distilled water or deionized water washes it in 3-times ultrasound
Step5: Ultrasonic cleaning with chromatographic pure methanol 2-3 times and then drying at temperature above 80。C.

The cleaning of automatic sample vials is important for your analysis so as to more helpful tips being suggested for a better examination result.


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