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Waters Oasis HLB Equivalent HLB SPE Cartridge
Date: 2018-06-14

Waters Oasis HLB equivalent Hydrophilic & hydrophobic balance SPE--HLB SPE Cartridge from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd shows perfect efficiency and wins well feedback,also be economic to saving users cost .

The hydrophilic & hydrophobic balance SPE has good water wettability,it can balance the hydrophilic and hydrophobic phase,also to gain the optimal and ideal selectivity.The HLB sorbents are made from special polymer technology,it was consistent of proportionally hydrophilic base and hydrophobic base.

It shows better extraction rate especially in the acid,medium and alkaline Chemical compound.The utility model of HLB Cartridge is especially suitable for the processing of complex substrates such as blood,urine and food.

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Product info :
1. HLB,40μm, 300Å, Surface area: 600m2/g 

2. 30mg/1ml, 60mg/1ml, 30mg/3ml, 60mg/3ml,

    150mg/6ml, 200mg/6ml, 500mg/6ml, 500mg/12ml

3. Package: 20,30,50,100pcs a pack

4. Equivalent to: Waters Oasis HLB