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What do you know about Syringe Filter?
Date: 2017-04-13

The disposable Syringe Filter is a quick, convenient and reliable filter tool used in the laboratory. It has a beautiful appearance and is clean and clean. It is mainly used for pre-filtration of samples and clarifies the sterilization and filtration of particles, liquids and gases.It is the preferred method for filtering small volumes of HPLC and GC.

Disposable syringe filter do not require membrane change and cleaning filters, eliminating the need for complex, time-consuming preparation, widely used in laboratories. Products are mainly used in the pre-clarification of the sample, in addition to particles, sterilization filter. Which needle-type filter and disposable syringes supporting the use of conventional laboratory for the use of fast, convenient and reliable small volume of the sample filter processing device.

Starlab Scientific, as one of the most credible syringe filter manufacturers and suppliers in China, is good at manufacturing syringe filter.We can provide a variety of materials and specifications of the syringe filter. We also accept special size customization.

(1)Filter materials are: Nylon, Hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF L), Hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF B), Hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE L), Hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE B), polyethersulfone (PES).
(2)Diameter : 13mm,25mm
(3)Pore Size : 0.22um,0.45um
(4)Inlet : Female luer lock Outlet : Male luer slip
(5)Maximum Pressure : 6.2bar
(6)Maximum Operate temperature : 60℃
(7)Sterilization : Autoclave at 121℃ at 1 bar for 20 minutes/EO/Gamma

Application areas:
HPLC sample preparation, conventional QC analysis, removal of protein precipitates, dissolution test, food analysis, biofuel analysis, environmental testing.