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Why Does the Flash Column with High Efficiency?
Date: 2017-03-23

Starlab flash cartridges which can be used either as normal or reversed-phase. For products with intermediate polarity,main features as follow to win well feedback from global users:

1.Medical PP grade cartridge offers high compatibility,safety and flexibility with free leakage

2.Machine packed ultra pure silica gel with low fine

3.Multiple sorbent choice for samples of different feature

4.Average pore size & excellent flow rate

5.Neutral surface pH range

6.Packing sorbent with regular &spherical size

7.Maximum operation pressure up to 200psi

8.Tight particle-size distribution to avoid leaching and or channelling

9.Sample volume of 10%

10.Tightly controlled water content

11.Standard Luer-Lock end fittings,perfect connected with

12.Prepacked and empty column both for choice of full range of volume

13.Imported and domestic packing materials for choice

14.Average specification surface area

15.Proprietary dry packing technology produces uniform and reproducibility

16.High compatibility with other instruments:Biotage ,Grace ,Armen,Moritex etc.